My Work Experience Journey at MET

Hello, my name is Destiny and I’ve just completed my work experience with MET Recruitment. Over the last four days here I have spent time with each division learning what their jobs are and getting a feel for working life.

I first spent time with the Payroll / Accounts / Social Media department where they went through their day-to-day jobs such as paying temporary workers, completing invoicing for companies, and updating all information weekly for example holidays. Becky completes all social media-based work and completes her role as part of the charity team. I worked with Alex (My Auntie), Abi, Lyndsey and Becky who were all friendly to me and helped eased my nerves on my first day.

I also spent time on reception with Kaitlin who showed me her daily tasks which included dealing with people coming into the building, taking ID correctly and helping them fill out there registering forms. I really enjoyed answering a few calls which I practised over the course of a few days.

I went round to all the consultant’s desks to find out they did. Dudley and Wolverhampton Industrial and the commercial desk – explained how they help companies find suitable workers to be employed, they do this 24-hours a day which means once the office is closed, they offer an out of hours number. I asked them what they enjoyed most about their job:

  • Adam “I enjoy communicating with people who are looking for work and seeing the end result of placing them into a permanent job”
  • Angelika and Charlotte “they both enjoy interacting with people when they come into interview looking for work”
  • Steph “Filing roles for clients and helping people into jobs they love”

I’ve really enjoyed my time at MET Recruitment learning all about how a recruitment agency works. My favourite part of the job was being on reception and being the first person to greet people as they came in. Thank you MET for letting me complete my work experience with you!